All-Stars Policies



It is the student's responsibility to:


·   have all necessary materials with him/her daily.

·   be in his/her assigned seat when the bell rings and remain in his/her seat until he/she is dismissed.

·   participate in activities and follow directions.

·   be respectful and supportive of his/her teachers and classmates.

·   be respectful of school property and the property of others.

·   follow all school policies outlined in the student handbook.

·   have all books covered at all times.

·   complete the assignment notebook and carry it with him/her daily.

·   follow OLWEUS bullying rules and policies.




·   All work is to be completed NEATLY and ON TIME with blue or black ink or a pencil when specified. Late homework will not be accepted.


·   The following information should be written in the upper right hand corner of every paper to be handed in:

First and last name




·   Writing will be graded using 6 + 1 Traits for Good Writing; this includes rules for spelling, grammar, and mechanics.



·   All assignments are to be recorded daily for each class in the assignment notebook.  (Copy what your teacher has written for the day).   Writing NOTHING, NO HOMEWORK or ABSENT is NOT acceptable.


·   If absent, it is the student’s responsibility to obtain and write down information from a responsible classmate.


·   Once each week, the DISCOVER teacher will check assignment notebooks for the previous week; students will receive one point for each day that the book is filled in correctly and completely.  Students will also receive one point for each word root that is correctly recorded in the assignment notebook.  Most of the Discover Pass/Fail grade will be based on the total points for the assignment notebook.

***A parent’s signature each week will earn students an extra/bonus point.



Parents should check their children’s grades on a regular basis using the RDS Parent Access program on the School Town of Highland website,  Parent usernames and passwords are available by contacting the main office at Highland Middle School.


All-Stars homework assignments can also be accessed on this site by following this procedure:

  • Go to
  • Choose “Highland Middle School” at the top left hand corner of the page (under “Select a School”)
  • Select “Academic Teams” in the toolbar
  • Select “All-Stars”
  • Choose “All-Stars Homework” on the left side of the web page