Miss Sullivan

Miss Siobhan Sullivan         

8th grade Physical Education ​​
HHS Varsity Track
Prep: 2:00-2:45 (M, T, Th, F)
           1:45-2:25 (W)

Swimming Dates have changed!!! 
As soon as I know swimming dates for the 2015-16 school year, I will post them.


Important Information:
•A full participation grade requires the uniform shirt, shorts, and proper shoes.
   - Rental uniforms are available in locker rooms upon request.
   - Uniforms may be purchased for $15 either through the school or at Varsity Sports in Griffith.

•If students miss a day in the gym, a 2 page make-up report is required in order to earn participation points.
•Uniforms must be taken home and washed EVERY week!!!
•All students are required to swim for two weeks....
            - All swimsuits must be school appropriate
                  - Girls may wear a two-piece suit with a dark tank top over it.
                  - Boys should wear shorts/trunks with a drawstring.
            - Students will need a towel, shampoo, and soap.
            - Flip flops are GOOD idea.