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8th Grade U.S. History

Course Description

Students will survey the development of U.S. History as a country from Exploration through the Civil War. This course will highlight the cultural exchanges between the Europeans and Native Americans, the colonization of North America, our Independence from Britain and the formation of our democratic system of government, the territorial expansion of the United States up to 1865, the slavery question, and the Civil War.  The course will conclude with the Reconstruction Era, which is the time period shortly following the Civil War.

Textbook Information:

United State History – Beginnings to 1877

Online Textbook Information:

All new U.S. History textbooks must remain in the classroom at all times.  Students will be assigned a textbook to use during class.  If a homework assignment is given in class the students must use the online version of the textbook.  The online textbook can be accessed with a username and password that is listed below.  If a student does not have online access at home, they must check out an older textbook with the teacher to get the assignment done.   

Website:      Username: mrspoljaric   Password: r7b9h