How to Access Individual Journal, Magazine or Periodical Titles

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Researchers may use any of the above databases to locate articles. However, each database also allows you to access individual issues of journals and magazines. If you'd like to be notified when new issues become available you can sign up for an RSS feed or Email Alerts. This service provides a convenient way to stay informed and current on topics of interest to you. To locate a specific journal or magazine:

1. Click on the Publications button located in the top left quadrant of your screen.

2. You are now able to browse the publications included in your database. Notice that you can now see what years of a publication are covered in your database, which titles provide full text access, and for which years full text access is provided. Be alert! There are two search boxes at the top of the page. The lower search box is the one you want because it allows you to search the title list. The title search box includes 3 search options to guide your search. The upper search box is for researching all of the content contained within the database.

Browse Titles

3. Once you've found the title you're looking for, you click on the title link to access information about the title's coverage in the database, including the full text content that is available. On the right sidebar you'll see a list of years available for full text content as well as the Share button. To view content select the year, and then the individual issue you're looking for. Full text is available in either an HTML format or a PDF format.


4. If you want to be notified when new issues become available, click on the Share button. You will be presented with the following options:

Share Popup

You my sign up for Email Alerts, an RSS feed, or add a Persistent Link to your bookmarks to more conveniently access your chosen title in the future. Also note there are a number of ways to share a title, or articles within a title, with others for collaboration and sharing knowledge.