Mr. K. Gough

Keith Gough is a graduate of Merrillville High School and Indiana University. He studied Social Studies Education in Bloomington, Indiana where he first began volunteering. After graduating, Keith served as a Peace Corps volunteer in Eastern Ukraine. He spent two years in Belovodsk, only a few miles from the Russian border, teaching English as a foreign language, organizing environmentally themed youth summer camps, implementing HIV/AIDs awareness and prevention community events. Currently, Keith teaches 8th grade social studies at Highland Middle School, where he coordinates student council, the National Geographic Geography Bee and an after school club for students who like heavy metal music. Keith and his wife, Bethanie, teach adult ESL courses at the Lake County Library in Merrillville.

Keith has taught:
  • 7th grade - world history
  • 8th grade - American history
  • 7th & 8th grade - English/Language Arts
  • Adult ESL courses
  • Poetry, Russian, Drama, and Environmental Clubs

His interests include:
  • Visiting museums, state parks, and historic sites
  • Making homemade muffins, pizza, and pierogi
  • Reading history, sci-fi, and comic books
  • Listening to metal and punk
  • Playing board games
  • Collecting fossils
  • Watching Mystery Science Theater 3000
  • Playing guitar
Mr. Gough