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Mr. Spoljaric

8th Grade U.S. History

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Phone: 922-5620

Prep Time: MTRF- 9:48-10:37

                         W- 9:45-10:31

Course Description

Students will survey the development of U.S. History as a country from Exploration through the Civil War. This course will highlight the cultural exchanges between the Europeans and Native Americans, the colonization of North America, our Independence from Britain and the formation of our democratic system of government, the territorial expansion of the United States up to 1865, the slavery question, and the Civil War.  The course will conclude with the Reconstruction Era, which is the time period shortly following the Civil War.

Textbook Information:

United State History – Beginnings to 1877

Online Textbook Information:

Unfortunately our U.S History textbook for this course is not compatible with our IPad’s.  So, students and parents will not have access to the online textbook website unless the textbook company upgrades their website in the near future.  Students will still be expected to complete classwork and homework using their textbook. For all assignment that students will need the assistance of a textbook on; I will scan all relevant textbook pages into Google Classroom for students to access. In case of a technology problem, I will have a class set of books to handout to each students for that day in class.  I will also allow students to check those books out if they will not have access to internet that night for homework.   

Google Classroom

Google Classroom is a teacher management system that almost all Highland Middle School teachers and students will use throughout the year.  Over the course of the year, my classrooms daily agenda, posted assignments, instructions for assignments, and attached files used to complete assignments will be posted using Google Classroom.  It is the responsibility of all students to use Google Classroom to remind them of assignments and due dates. Failure of the classroom teacher to announce a due date or clarify homework for the evening during class is not an excuse for why your assignment is not done. (When in doubt, Check Google Classroom!)